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Thailand’s drug war show Duterte might be unable to stop narcotics trade by 2022

In her Philippine Daily Inquirer column published Jan. 7, Monsod pointed out certain similarities between Thailand’s war against drugs with Duterte’s to show why an iron fisted approach to eradicating the narcotics trade is bound to fail.

“The first war on drugs was started in 2003 by Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, at the behest of the King (the late Bhumibol Adulyadej). Thaksin said he would do it in three months, and then extended the time frame to eight months, but then was waging it all the way until he abruptly left office. Does that sound familiar?” she asked.
“Even if we achieve “success” (rather doubtful), there will still be negative long-term impacts: the return, or at least the reinforcement, of the culture of impunity, particularly in the police force, and, relatedly, the isolation of the police and military from the people, with the latter’s growing suspicion and resentment of the former,” she said. [source]

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