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If Duterte is replaced, everything he has done will be for nothing, Philippines would lose says Former Civil Service Commission Chair

Saludo said that if Vice President Leni Robredo replaces Duterte, all the progress that he has done in the fight against drugs and criminality will be undone and it would be for nothing if he leaves.
“That performance contrasts with the tripling of incidents under then-President Benigno Aquino 3rd, from 324,083 in 2010 to more than 1 million a year in 2013 and 2014, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority.” he said.
“Now, imagine if an Aquino-backed leader takes over the presidency, restoring many of his policies and appointees. Would it curb crime?” he added.
Saludo said this would make PH a threat to China.
“No $50 billion in Chinese projects, and no Filipino fishermen back at Scarborough Shoal. Instead, the People’s Liberation Army would probably start building military-capable facilities at the disputed lagoon 200 km from Subic.” he said.
“Now, if adversaries of Duterte’s reforms succeed in taking him out, would the next leaders have the daring, drive and determination to continue his law enforcement, foreign relations, and anti-graft initiatives? Or would they conclude that opponents of change are too tough to beat?” he said.
He said Filipinos would lose if Duterte does.
“Bottomline: If President Duterte loses to the crime syndicates, corrupt officialdom, and Western powers that want him out, backed by defenders of verbal decorum and funeral propriety — so does the Philippines.” he said. [source]

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  1. The Americans will never leave him alone until they get him out. I hope the Filipinos are ready to back him up.


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