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PRO DUTERTE! PRO FILIPINOS! Miss Dimaluna Tourism 2016 Devine Grace Capa's winning answer

A little known beauty pageant down in Ozamiz City is suddenly getting a lot of attention after the search for Ms. Dimaluna Tourism 2016 yielded a winner who gave the most thought-provoking answer to a sensitive question that many candidates would have wanted to avoid replying to. For whatever its worth, Devine Grace Capa – now Ms. Dimaluna Tourism 2016 – is now being talked about in many online discussions. 

 What is the question and the answer? 

 Question: What is your opinion on the issue of extra judicial killing in our country today?

 Answer: “I believe that life is a gift. If killing is to save a million lives, then it is better to sacrifice one life than to lose everybody’s safety and endanger humanity forever.”

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