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BREAKING: Pnoy at Ochoa dawit sa kalakaran ng illegal na droga sa bansa!

An article posted in philnewstrend and dugongmaharlika about Pnoy and Ochoa being part of the number one problem in the Philippines, the illegal drugs. Read the full article below:

This should confirm that Paquito Ochoa, whom PNoy said his indispensable alter ego, is deep into the drug trade. P-Du30 should not let this crook escape.

Information has it that he was in close liaison with big time drug lord Peter Co and his group. Information has it also that he was friends with the rice smuggling king David Tan Bangayan when he was smuggling in Davao City.

And information has it also that in the time of the "Tuwad na Daan" of his "BFF" PNoy as the pretending-to-be-honest-president, he was the "capo di tutti" at the BOC, calling the shots over the "godfathers", and serving as PNoy's bagman for the billions of protection money from big time smugglers, simultaneously advancing his interest in the importation (certainly largely by smuggling) and sale of luxury vehicles that has its show room in Timog Avenue area, Quezon City
PNoy didn't know these nefarious activities of his?

It is said that one half of PNoy's brain was occupied by this crook, while the other half was occupied, divided equally, by Drilon and Abad, hence no reason for him not to know what his supposed limb was doing. They are so close like lips and teeth.

Yes. It is a must for P-Du30 to punish this crook to the hilt. He should be now a billionaire of graft money, by virtue of being PNoy's ExSec. He surely made millions of the same when he was Sonny Belmonte's administrator as the hidden-in-plain-sight corrupt mayor of Quezon City. But as PNoy's ExSec, many folds of the same on the city level should have been added to his graft wealth.
But it would be greatly unfair to him if his "boss-follower" PNoy is made to escape by P-Du30, and so if Abad and Drilon, and those in the Luystahan and Napolist, are made to escape.
DWIZ 882
August 29, 2016
By Jelbert Perdez
Hindi umano kuntento ang isang dating ahente ng Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency o PDEA sa listahan ni Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte ng mga hinihinalang protektor ng drug syndicate.
Sa ulat ng pahayagang daily tribune, binigyang diin ni dating PDEA agent Jonathan Morales na bukod kay dating justice secretary at ngayo’y Sen. Leila de Lima, dapat kasama rin si dating Executive Secretary Paquito.

Bagama’t maituturing umanong competent ang ‘shame list’, sinabi ni morales na wala rito ang mga malalaking pangalan. Giit ni Morales, nakapagtatakang hindi nabunyag ang inilabas nilang listahan noon gayung siya mismo ang nagbigay nito kay Ochoa at direkta pa siyang nag-report dito noong 2013 at gayundin din kay dating Pangulong Noynoy Aquino.

Kinuwestiyon din ni Morales ang kredibilidad ni dating PDEA director Dionisio Santiago na ngayo’y kakampi ng Duterte administration bunsod na rin ng aniya’y koneksiyon nito kay Marine lt. Col. Ferdinand Marcelino.


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