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Plan ng LP sa 2017 is to clearly Oust Duterte! LP, Leni, Loida, Leila, Lourdes says Thinking Pinoy

An article posted in thinking pinoy page exlaining the plan of Liberal Party to oust Duterte, They call it plan “Plan Q1 2017”

Read the full details below:

They are: 
  • LEILA: Sen. Leila de Lima handles international opinion7
  • LP: The Liberal Party handles political machinery
  • LOIDA: Loida Nicolas-Lewis handles finances
  • LOURDES: Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno keeps “the enemy” at bay, and
  • LENI: Vice-president Leni Robredo serves as Cory Aquino 2.0, Duterte’s replacement.
You probably wonder: why Q1 2017?

Why should LP effect an ouster move in the first quarter of 2017? 

Let me answer that. 

Actually, calling the ouster plot Plan Q1 2017 is not very accurate, as that means the plan may take effect somewhere between New Year’s Day and the end of March. After some thought, I realized that if Plan Q1 2017 is to be implemented, it should be on the first half of January 2017. 

For this reason, let’s rename Plan Q1 2017 to Plan 0117, where 0117 denotes January 2017.  [source]

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