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JUST IN: Duterte to critics: What steps are you taking to solve country's problems?

MANILA — Critics have unloaded on President Rodrigo Duterte on a plethora of issues, but he wants to know if they've done their part making the country better.
"Instead of asking what's happening to your country, ask what step are you taking to [solve its problems]," Duterte said, speaking to guests at Manny Pacquiao's birthday celebration in General Santos City.
"Kung sinasabi ninyo na isang taon lang ako, so be it. Kung mamatay ako, kung tanggalin ako, so be it."
He also hit supporters of the Liberal Party, whom he said plans to oust him.
"[Ang] mga yellow, gusto nila akong tanggalin. Eh di sige, paaningkamot mo (magpursigi kayo) (The yellows want to oust me. Go ahead, do your best)," he said. [source]

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