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Jocelyn Duterte slams Robredo: 'You have minimal experience in political system bordering to ignorance!

Read her full statement here:
Jocellyn Roa Duterte
PRRD's sister
When Leni Robredo decided to run for the vice presidency, that decision was born not out of a desire to go into public service!...she was pressured by the liberal party capitalizing on her late husband's sterling legacy... I am wondering now if you knew what you were doing or where you were going knowing you have minimal experience in public service, much less how the political system works!.. Naive and bordering to ignorance...no offense Madam, consider it a personal opinion!...
During the campaign election, you already express your personal opinion, that if Duterte would win the Presidency you would resign from the vice presidency, ...but that was not enough, you accepted the offer of the President to work in his Cabinet and yet making public your opposition in his policies or sometimes even your personal dislike of the man...that Madam is the height of HYPOCRISY done in bad taste. Why work for him, feeling the way you do?
Winning the vice presidency, your priority should be with the people you promised to serve and not to the opposition party of which you think you owe your loyalty and "utang na loob"
I watched your interview with Ruth Cabal in CNN...I ended up more confused than ever, where you're coming!...

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