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‘Corrupt, greedy, lazy’ AMLC also protecting other ‘yellow’ senators and congressmen says Olivarez

Veteran political pundit Nine Cacho-Olivarez believes that the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) chaired by Amando Tetangco Jr. is defying President Rodrigo Duterte’s order to provide bank records of Sen. Leila de Lima in drug trafficking because it doesn’t want to be forced to disclose bank accounts of “yellow” politikos involved in crime and corruption scandals.
In her Daily Tribune column, Cacho-Olivarez said that in contrast to the AMLC’s statement  in the Department of Justice’s probe on de Lima.
“The only plausible explanation for the obvious reluctance of the AMLC executives and their investigators is that they are into still protecting the yellows who are being investigated, “ said Cacho-Olivarez.
“In this case Sen. Leila de Lima and probably many others, should Rody Duterte move to investigate the yellows in the present and past senators and congressmen who had their pork barrel allocations, but were protected, not only by the AMLC, but the then Commission on Audit, as well as the Ombudsman, who hasn’t moved a finger to investigate and charge them,” she added. [source]

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