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Churchgoers in a Barangay in San Pedro, Laguna Being Forced to Sign Petition to Impeach Duterte?

A netizen complained about their parish church in San Pedro, Laguna for allegedly forcing church goers to sign first a petition to impeach President Rodrigo Duterte before they can be allowed to go inside the church. As we all know, the Catholic Church and some human rights groups are accusing Duterte of human rights violation in his war against illegal drugs.

The facebook message reads:

“Share ko lang po, observe nyo rin. Nasa Bdesh po ako, pero taga San Pedro po kami. Doon po sa area namin sa Bgy. Langgam me chapel. Ang sermon po dun today ay tungkol daw sa extrajucial killing, simbahan yan at bawat papasok daw po sa loob ng church kailangan pumirma para ma impeach si DDS. Di na po tama ang mga pari…”

We are also not sure if the said post is legitimate or was just created by someone who wants to magnify the controversy between the Catholic church and the Duterte administration. But remember, there is a constitutional separation of church and the state. Not to mention, forcing someone to follow your belief is also a clear violation of human rights


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