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'We're living in dangerous times because Duterte is leading the country' says CHR Head Chito Gascon

CHR Head Chito Gascon statements about how Duterte is leading the country has been running rounds online. In an article posted at foregnpolicy.com he expressed on how he was so disappointed with the PH leader saying that the country is living in a dangerous times.

“This is probably the biggest challenge to democracy since the dictatorship. With the election of Mr. Duterte we’re moving away from the post-authoritarian democratic consensus to a period of illiberal democracy.” 

“We’re living in dangerous times,” he says.

He is also openly supporting De Lima against allegations linking her to illegal drugs and hopes that she will survive this fight. 

“I don’t know if [De Lima] will survive this. I don’t know if I will survive this. The president said in his campaign that ‘change is coming,’ and probably change is here. But to us it actually feels more like winter is coming.” [source]


  1. Wahahahahahahaha if you're into drugs or your family and your staff or if you're protecting addict syndicates then you must leave this country asap before the pnp finds you doing the illegal things.

  2. Agree Mr. Narvas. Really CHR head...you guys are living in dangerous time under the Duterte administration. Guys mean those who are involved in various illegal activities that have brought our country down to the ditch. Drug trading, carnapping, robbery, riding in tandem (which you call EJK now, so you change the brand name depending on who seats in power...ewww) etc. Hello...Criminals and Corrupt officials are in danger...Calling CHR...you need to protect them...OMG!!!


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