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TRUTH: How High Profile Activists Make Money and How Much They are Making

Since the Party-List System Act was signed into law on March 3, 1995, dozens of high profile activists became millionaires according to Rexan Aldeguer, former activist-turned businessman.

Radio Personality Elmer Cadagat, sat down with Mr. Aldeguer to discuss about his success in running Virtual Assistant Center business in Bacolod City, along with his previous experiences being a high profile activist in Western Visayas for more than 15 years.

He reveals how he much he is earning but after  being an activist for more than 15 years of  different leftist groups he decided to leave the pathetic life and build an online business.

Aldeguer  also reveals that Liza Masa, Walden Bello, Risa Hontiveros, Antonio Tinio, Rafael Mariano, Teodoro “Teddy” Casiño, Luzviminda Ilagan, and Renato Reyes  among others, are making millions of pesos every year of being a  high profile activists.

He added, Sarah Jane Elago of Kabataan Party List.

"She could make millions in no time”, he added

When Cadagat asked how activists make money, Aldeguer said he cannot enumerate all of the sources, but said there are too many ways to mention. [source]

Read here some of his statements:

“Being an activist is both rewarding and disappointing. Rewarding if you are a high profile activist and disappointing if you are just a member. Principle is not the issue anymore after you graduated from college and face the real world. All people inside an organization want to make money and this is where the sad part starts”,

“All of us wanted to enter politics, and being an activist is the best way for people like us who does not have genetic influence in public. By creating noise, most of us were hoping that someday we could be given a good break. Those who are lucky enough to be selected as party list representatives are making millions and millions of pesos. Ask Teddy Casiño how he made millions and he will certainly boast”

“Most of the funds come from both local and national politicians, and from some big corporations. Activists are the primary tool of politicians to destroy their opponents. If you take a closer look, those anti-Marcos people are the same people who became anti-Cory, anti-Ramos, anti-GMA, anti-Erap, anti-Pnoy, and now anti-Duterte. You can ask Renato Reyes, Risa Hontiveros, and even Walden Bello who is their favorite president and they will tell you no one. This is the reaosn why they called “leftists” because they are always in opposing side whoever the president is. You can find the worst people and the best liars among these people.


  1. These former activists who eventually became pseudo "activists" should be ashamed of themselves. They don't only embarrass themselves but they are the embarrassment of "We the People"

  2. So., its a show business after all..😲

  3. My goodnes, where's thier principles and dignity.

  4. Now we know that leftist is bad. Forget about these people next election bear in mind.My goodness son of a _bitch! Go to hell we don't need you.

  5. They can rake-in millions like Hillary thru Soros...

  6. That's why we should abolish the party list in the congress! Nothing good came out of that!


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