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JUST IN:Sotto and Other Senators Denied Trillanes statement saying"10 Senators ang hindi masaya sa panunungkulan ni Duterte"

According to Trillanes, over 10 of his colleagues were unhappy with “how things are going” under the Duterte administration, while others were turning out to be “apologists” of the President.

Upon hearing these statements from Trillanes, Sotto said he was unaware of Trillanes’ claim that more than 10 senators are “unhappy” with the Duterte presidency.

“I don’t know where he got his count but that’s his opinion so let him say what he wants,” Sotto said.

 “senators should be speaking for themselves.” ang sabi naman ni Senator Estrada.

Neophyte Senator Sherwin Gatchalian, for his part, cited Duterte’s high approval and trust ratings.
"That means the people are quite satisfied with his performance and they trust him,” Gatchalian said in a text message.


  1. Ksp si Mr. Trilliones and that's the way he wanted to call the attention of the public! He is now in dire need of support not only from the Senate but from the public as well.

  2. Hi Senator Trillanes for me you have a rank of a Major. Major dissapointment, you are failing man better straighten up your act. You are a disgrace in the Senate, you should have been filed cases for defending a false witness like matobato and acting like a uneducated fool in the senate.


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