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Sandra Cam:"I have copies of three videos with me, antayin ko siya pag nagdare siya sa akin"

Sandra Cam on Wednesday revealed that she has 3 copies of De Lima's Sex Video and said that she will present it to the Senate if dared by De Lima.

"I have three videos with me... Antayin ko siya. 'Pag nagdare siya sa akin, right then and there (I will show it)," Cam said.
She also emphasized that it is important to let the public know about how the senator, as an employer, behaves in a wrong way having an affair with her driver body guard.
"Dapat malaman yung drug trade sa Bilibid at itong kanyang pagiging play girl," she added.
"Since 2012 ay sinisigaw ko na ang relasyon niya sa driver niya pero lahat sinasabi niya fabricated lies," she said.
"She (De Lima) thought she will be in power forever... But with Ronnie Dayan yesterday, you're done," she added. [source]

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