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Roque defends Dayan and Espinosa: 'Differing of their statements show they weren’t coached'

Kabayan Rep. Harry Roque doesn’t seem to believe that illegal drug trade witnesses Ronnie Dayan and Kerwin Espinosa were made to follow a grand “script”.

“If they were told (Dayan and Kerwin) what to say, they should have the same information but there are discrepancies of statements,” Roque told ANC in an interview Friday, November 25.
It can be recalled that both witnesses testified to meeting each other for the purpose of delivering drug money to De Lima.
If anything, Roque said he finds “credibility” with Dayan’s statements as far as meeting with Espinosa is concerned.
“After I asked questions, I can say the credibility is true. He is believable as far at the five instances of meeting Kerwin but the unbelievable to me is his acceptance of money from inside of NBP, that to me is understandable,” the congressman said. [source]

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