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Mainstream media helped Leila de Lima hide her affair for years

Leila de Lima has quite recently admitted to having an additional conjugal illicit relationship with her driver. She says she cannot recall when it started – whether it was while she was the leader of the Commission on Human Rights or when she got to be Secretary of Justice . In any case, it went on for quite a long time.

In all that time, De Lima could conceal her mystery from people in general by keeping the media concentrated on different things about her. Painstakingly covering her actual persona under a thick layer fakery, promulgation, and slight of hand governmental issues. Like a performer, De Lima diverted the effectively befuddled prevailing press foundations with her exceedingly broadcasted conflicts with PGMA, Bong Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada, the Iglesia ni Cristo, and President Duterte.

This disappointment by the prevailing press in its self-selected assignment of being the watchmen of open ethical quality, demonstrates exactly how obsolete that specific idea is. And how unworkable it has gotten to be in a general public where the favors of the as far as anyone knows morally sound fourth Estate are purchased and sold various times each second of the day. The media is a labyrinth, yet for the individuals who know how to play the amusement, there should be lit signs indicating how it can be controlled.

De Lima could escape with it, not on the grounds that she is some virtuoso undercover agent who moves in the shadows, yet rather it was basically through her sharp comprehension of how the little personalities of these asserted columnists work. Toss them a little bone now and again, and they will bite and stress that thing to the rejection of the greater issues.

Indeed, even the response of the predominant press to the De Lima's confirmation fails to impress anyone. Rather than uncovering it for the obtrusive and deplorable lie that it was, that it is, predominant press are treating the issue with child gloves. Favoring rather to resound

De Lima's weak reasons.

In unquestioningly tolerating De Lima's portrayal of her wrongdoing as basic matter of the "frailties of a lady," or kung sa Pilipino dad, "ang kahinaan ng babae," prevailing press is demonstrating its inclination. They are permitting De Lima to hole up behind pleasantly stated words, while going gung-ho in the President at whatever point he talks.

This sort of media twofold standard is the reason individuals – not simply in the Philippines, but rather whatever is left of the world – no longer have confidence in daily papers and TV. They consider them to be covering up and bending reality at whatever point it suits their motivation. They see prevailing press as engaging and empowering individuals like De Lima to escape with her violations. [source]

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