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FVR to Marcos family: Apologize, return ill-gotten wealth

In an interview with GMA reporter Sandra Aguinaldo, Ramos said a public apology from the Marcos family is necessary to lessen the pain and anger of the human rights violation victims.

““[Apology] addressed to all the descendants of the victims, whether or not because there is investigation but to show sincere desire to discard, reject and eliminate already all of the dictatorial tendencies and happenings during that [Martial Law] period,” Ramos said.
Ramos said Marcos’ kin must also voluntarily return the wealth that their family illegally amassed during their patriarch’s dictatorship.
“Pero baka may iba pa na kontrolado ng pamilya, e di yun ang maging subject ng panggagalingan ng philanthropic or humanitarian support. Pero dapat kusang loob na donation or compassionate contribution,” Ramos said.

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