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Fr. Robert Reyes:Duterte Pangulong bastos!Sukdulan ng kahihiyan!Ipakita mong kagalang galang ang mga Pilipino,Maging kagalang galang ka!

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  1. mukha mo padre damaso parang manyakis ka gago!

  2. so kayo father ang kagalang galang?????? ganon ba ang kagalang galang ha mga magnanakaw di bae nang prangka magsalita atleast totoong tao siya at mabuti ang nagawa di tulad ninyo kagalang galang kikilos pero limpak limpak ang perang ninakaw...ganyan ang kagalang galang mga magnanakaw at shabu business man

  3. paring robert reyes sayang yag pagkapari mo. wala kang respeto sa bokasyon mong pagka-pari, niyurak mo ang simbahan at ang relihiyong katoliko. dapat ang i-sermon mo yang naaayon sa bibliya bagkus sumasali ka sa intriga, sa politika at naninira ka ng kapwa tao. Hindi ka na ba nahiya? magkano ba ang iyong dangal? milyones ba? anak ka ng puta paring roberto reyes matamaan ka sana ng kidlat at nang mamulat ka sa kabastusang ginagawa mo.

  4. if you're a servant of GOd act like A servant of GOd parang hnd ko po na kita sa inyo nag babasa po ba talaga kayu nang Bible ay oo nga nag babasa ka lng hnd mo ina apply that why!!! Father,,,,

  5. (EVIL FACT) Rome was weak in intelligence and derives its philosophy from Greece, but Rome is strong in military might and very systematic in their way of torturing rebels and non-conforming barbarians. Augustus Caesar was a brilliant emperor. Julius Caesar was skilled in warcraft. They derived their philosophy from Greece, but physical warfare is the forte of Rome. Domination and complete control its aim. Coercion is its method. But where coercion fails, flattery, deceit, and compromise are used to the end that it gets what it wants. This attitude is still alive in papal Rome as we can read in atrocities of the Jesuits.
    (EVIL FACT) Rome killed our Saviour, Yahshua, the Jewish Messiah, and John the Baptist. Both Yahshua our Saviour and John the Baptist were Jews, and NOT ROMANS.
    (EVIL FACT) Rome killed James the first leader of the Christian church at Jerusalem.
    (EVIL FACT) Rome cannot mingle their corrupt religion with the pure religion of Israel. The Jews would not compromise with Rome in matters of faith, and so they hated the Jews and its religion which is the only true religion (John 4:22; Acts 13:47, 48; Isaiah 42:6; 49:6; Luke 3:30-32; Acts 24:12-16; 26:4-8; 22, 23; 28:17).
    (EVIL FACT) Rome killed Paul the Apostle to Rome and to the gentiles, the apostle who brought the gospel of the Jewish Messiah to the non-Jews.
    (EVIL FACT) Rome killed Peter the Apostle to the Jews.
    (EVIL FACT) Rome burned many Christians alive. Nero burned the Vatican intending to annihilate Christians, and blamed Christians for it.
    (EVIL FACT) Rome persecuted the Jewish nation and destroyed it in 70 C.E.
    (EVIL FACT) Rome boiled John in a cauldron intending to kill him, and exiled the beloved apostle to Patmos.
    (EVIL FACT) Rome persecuted and killed more than 12 million Christians for a span of 250 years from Nero to Constantine.
    (EVIL FACT) Rome wants to unite Christians in the Vatican into one unified empire. Bishops ambitious for worldly prestige allowed pagan Romans to be converted to the church with their idols and Sun-god worship. Persecution against Christians ceased around Constantine’s time. Christianity did not conquer Rome, but was conquered by it in spirit and teachings. Since the church in Rome compromised with the world, it no longer provoked hatred against truth by the heathen world. The church was united with the heathen. Paganism conquered Christianity; its philosophies and sentiments crept inside the church.

  6. (EVIL FACT) The clergymen of the Roman church adopted pagan rites, ceremonies, and philosophies into the church and mixed it with Christianity. Mithraism, the official religion of Rome was absorbed by the church, and God’s holy Sabbath day was openly changed into Sunday. Statues of Jupiter was renamed into “Peter”, Madonna and child was renamed into Mary and Jesus, Sun images with Egyptian trinity Isis, Horus, and Seb (IHS) was exalted everywhere and changed into Iesous Hominem Salvator. (Why not use Hebrew Characters to describe the Messiah in His own nationality? Yahshua never spoke Latin. He is NOT Roman.) Once corruption within doctrines was being accomplished, forms of worship was transformed so that we can see the Roman clergy wearing long robes like what Egyptian priesthood was, a bishop’s mitre like Palestinian god, Dagon, the shaving of heads, the existence of monasteries with its monks and nuns, beads, adoration of Mary, and THE INVENTION OF THE PAPACY. The church in Rome thinks she is the one who must decide in spiritual matters and ignores the autonomy of other churches around her, and excommunicated all those who disagree from her using only a creed as her criterion, and with that, other numerous decretals, canon laws, and ecclesiastical pronouncements. The Bible was suppressed. Canon laws and church authority were obeyed. The voice of man was more divine than the voice of God. Human opinions, traditions, and interpretations were esteemed above the Word of God, the Scriptures. The church thinks she is the only interpreter of the Word of God, and that such interpretation should be validated by that singular head of the church, the Pope. The human head, or bishop was termed “the supreme pontiff” exactly like the Roman caesars’ title, “the supreme pontiff” inasmuch as the emperor is the head of its priestcraft, and all decisions of the state and church sprang from him.

  7. (EVIL FACT) Constantine transferred his capital to Constantinople in 330 C.E. Several emperors besides Constantine offered such power to the church in Rome, until step by step the Papacy became the undisputed sole leader in the west. Thus Rome, the Satan-dragon in Revelation 12 and 13, gave to the papacy “his power, and his seat, and great authority” (Revelation 13:2). But the height of papal power begun its climax when it was freed from all barbaric invasions by the year 538 when the Arian Ostrogoths were driven out of Rome. Now begun this blasphemous religio-political power for a span of “time, times, and half a time”, “forty two months” or “one thousand two hundred sixty days” (1260 prophetic days / years) of papal supremacy when it “he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall afflict the saints of the Most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time” (Daniel 7:25; 12:7; Revelation 11:2,3; 12:6, 14; 13:5). Here are some pagan elements of Roman Christianity and its dates: 1) Prayers for the dead & sign of the cross (ca. 300 C.E.) 2) Sunday officially replaced God’s Sabbath (321-364 C.E. at Council of Laodicea), 3) Relic worship (337 C.E.), 4) Rosary (366 C.E.), 5) the idolatrous, heaven-insulting “Mass” (394 C.E.), 6) A Council in Macon (585 C.E.) Suppressed the true Sabbath by declaring Sunday “a day of perpetual rest”, 7) Eternal Torment (590 C.E.), 8) Purgatory (593 C.E.) 9) Prayers directed to Mary or to dead saints (600 C.E.), 10) Pope Gregory (602 C.E.) made Sunday a Sabbath to the exclusion of the Sabbath of the Fourth Commandment; he said that “Christ is our Sabbath” without any Scriptural evidence, 11) Indulgences (799 C.E.), 12) Mary Worship (850 C.E.), 13) Pope Nicholas I (858-867 C.E.) declared that Sabbath rest “is the doctrine of Anti-Christ; but that Sunday rest “is obligatory”. 14) Prayer Beads (1090 C.E.), 15) INQUISITION OF HERETICS (1184 C.E.) 16) Confessional (1215 C.E.), 17) Adoration of Wafer (1220 C.E.), 17) Bible forbidden (1229 C.E.), 18) Infant Baptism (1311 C.E.), 18) Tradition equal to the Scripture (1545 C.E.), 19) Tradition above Scripture (1563 C.E.), 20) Immaculate Conception dogma (1834 C.E.), 21) Assumption of the Virgin Mary (1950 C.E.). Christianity at Rome became what she was not before. She became “Roman” – that is, pagan, heathen, Jew-hating. She was then ready to persecute other religious dissents, just like what pagan Rome did to the Jews and Christians. Yet she had the temerity to claim that she is the first church, the true church to have descended from the Jewish Messiah, whose religion (John 4:22) she monstrously despised and hated.

  8. (EVIL FACT) Once creeds were drawn up, and Constantine left for Constantinople, Rome became papal and persecutes other dissents and non-conformists. Take note, Athanasius was the author of the Nicene Creed, the Creed used by the Roman-catholic church. THEREFORE ATHANASIUS WAS IS THE AUTHOR AND ORIGINATOR OF THIS ROMAN-CATHOLIC CHURCH, THE NICENE CHRISTIANITY AT ROME. But it was argued that the word “catholic” was first used by Ignatius of Antioch around 107/110 C.E. Now which is which, and who’s the true author of this church, Ignatius of Antioch or Athanasius? But Constantine legalized the existence of Christianity at Rome which was in full effect at 325 C.E., therefore the gentile Constantine was its founder who also claimed to be the head of both church and state like what the gentile papal caesars had always claimed for themselves until today. Papacy is the head of church and state in its tiny sovereign state. Isn’t that crazy? That’s the manifestation that such system is greedy for power, an appetite common to heathen kings and princes. What can you call a government having an official head that leads with absolute power the church and the powers of the state? It’s nothing but corruption, autocracy, anti-democracy, dictatorship, despotism, and results only to blind and servile allegiance from its subjects. On the broader scale, it eclipses all scientific, political, economic, and spiritual advances. This will lead to collapse in economy and all national progress common to all Roman-catholic countries, JUST LIKE WHAT THIS EVIL CHURCH DID TO THE “DARK AGES” when noble Europe fell into the parasitic and dismal dominion of the papal caesars at Rome. (NOTICE THAT THERE WAS NO POOR PROTESTANT NATION. BUT ALL ROMAN-CATHOLIC COUNTRIES ARE POOR AND HAD TO BE SUPPORTED BY PROTESTANT NATIONS).

  9. After Constantine, another Roman Emperor Theodosius 1 at around 381 C.E. made Nicene Christianity the official religion of the Empire. So when was this church first registered in the Roman government, at 325 C.E. or 381 C.E.? And yet again there was no “pope” during those centuries. The wicked gentile emperor Phocas officially dubbed Boniface III as “pope” on 607 C.E., making him THE FIRST POPE OF THE ROMAN-CATHOLIC INSTITUTION. Peter was NOT their first pope. Such claim is sheer fraudulence and plain dishonesty. History and scriptures does not back up that arrogant office as the Roman church would have stupid people believe. The office of the papacy officially begun at 607 when the heathen Phocas called Boniface III “pope”. Before that, there was no such thing as official popedom at Rome. Victor I, bishop of Rome, acted as though he were the head of all churches in Christendom when in 193 C.E. he excommunicated the bishops who would not agree with him with regards to the correct day to celebrate Easter. But Victor was NOT called “pope”. He was nothing but a bishop of Rome, and should remain a bishop of Rome only. Roman-catholics argued that Linus was next to Peter in bishopric, and this Linus became Victor I, bishop of Rome at around 110/123 C.E. to 195 C.E. And that he was the same Linus mentioned in 2Timothy 4:21 (who was not even identified with such dignity as having any official function of the church). But the Roman-catholics instantly dignified him as bishop. They said that the apostle Peter left his office to Linus, but how can Linus succeed the apostle when Peter died at around 64 C.E., and Victor I was born at around 110/123 C.E. and lived up to 190-195 C.E. for the papal office? Notice the incongruence and discrepancy of their time reckoning. THE ROMAN-CATHOLIC CHURCH HAD THIS BAD HABIT OF WRITING AND REWRITING THEIR LIST OF POPES, ADDING NAMES AND DELETING NAMES, AND CHANGES THE LIST MANY TIMES. We have to understand that most Roman-catholic historians are fraudulent historians most especially Eusebius, the most fraudulent of them all. If Linus was next to Peter, he should have written some epistles proving his supremacy of apostolic succession in connection to Peter. Linus should have lived up to only 100 C.E. or 130 C.E. at most, but NOT extending to 195 C.E. as the existence of Victor I. That would span Linus’ lifespan for more than 100 years, and only brainless people believes that.

  10. But aside from Ignatius of Antioch, Athanasius, Innocent III as the authors and originators of Roman-catholicism and of the Papacy, there was the heathen Constantine who ratified Nicene Christianity’s existence at 325 C.E., and a Roman Emperor making it THE official religion of the empire at 381 C.E.. That’s not enough. There was a split within this church so that it cannot truthfully claim itself as “Catholic” universal. There was the Great Schism between the Roman and the Greek versions of Catholicism, both of whom claim to be “catholics” but how can they be called “catholics” when they are divided in the first place? The distinction of “Roman” –catholic church came at around 1054 C.E. Therefore we can safely assign the origin of the “Roman” –catholic church as late as 1054 C.E. But before that, any claim by this church that dates itself to 33 C.E. is nothing but a fraudulent claim. There was no trace of a Nicene Christianity before 325, and there was not historical data to support the claim that the Roman-catholic church existed as “Roman” –catholic before 1054 C.E. This church has many dates or years of origin, and many authors as originators, not to mention the pagan rites and forms she had adopted, nor the god she worshiped, -the true God of Israel as signified by observing the Sabbath day, or the false god of Rome or Mithraism? And yet this Roman church wants to force itself on other religious groups with claims based on trash and fraudulent inventions! She kills those who do not agree with her and haunts them down, wanting nothing except to dominate them so that the people will recognize and pay homage to their human idol, -the papacy. This office is a mere invention at Rome, a product of idolatrous bishops of Rome, just as they invented a Creed in order to control people under the Roman Empire. They refuse to accept that the Scriptures alone is man’s valid Creed, and that Christ alone is “the Head of every man” (1 Corinthians 11:3), NOT the pope, a pastor, a bishop, or any church leader (Matthew 23:8-10; Mark 10:42-45; 1Corinthians 1:24; 1Peter 5:1-3; 3John 1:9-10).

  11. (EVIL FACT) Rome once more thirsted for blood, and on the height of her power since 538 C.E. suppressed the circulation of scriptures, instituted other numerous pagan beliefs, and harassed religious minorities.
    (EVIL FACT) Rome wants all Christians to be united to what she had invented, the Papacy, but many would not want a human idol to replace Jesus Christ our great high priest, and so Rome formed her armies and dictated many kings of Europe to obey her claiming that she has the divine right to depose kings who would not obey her.
    (EVIL FACT) Rome excommunicated kings who would not pay respect to her decisions, she used the state for religious ends. For example, King Henry IV of Germany.
    (EVIL FACT) Rome persecuted the Waldensians. Invented Dominicans, the precursor to the order of the Jesuits whose aim is to exterminate Protestant kings and governments by assassination, poison, schools or institutions infiltration, and by whatever means they can invent.
    (EVIL FACT) It irritates Vatican that its head quarter is at Rome and not in Israel. This is why she wants to get Israel for herself, but no. She must remain Roman all her life. She cannot have the privilege of assuming what she was not. She’s a heathen and not a Jew.
    (EVIL FACT) Rome launched series of crusades in an attempt to get Israel from Turks, but until now, she cannot have Israel for her headquarter. Why? The God of Israel will not allow the antichrist to claim for herself what is God’s own property. Rome must cry and rant remain desperate for this.
    (EVIL FACT) Rome invented Spanish inquisition, auto-da-fe, and numerous engines of torture
    (EVIL FACT) Rome killed such fine scientists as Galileo, Giordano, and millions of religious dissents (more than 68 million human lives), who were also fellow Roman-catholics. Those who would not obey the mandate of the Magisterium became “Protestants” who protested against the DOCTRINES of the Roman church. They have no thought of separation from the church they loved; it’s the church who persecuted and burned them.

  12. (EVIL FACT) Roman-catholics assassinated Protestant Presidents of America: Lincoln, by John Wilkes Booth; Garfield, by Charles J. Guiteau; McKinley, by Leon Czolgosz, Roosevelt shoot but not killed by a Roman-catholic in Milwaukee (instead killed the mayor of Chicago). Two Roman-catholics, Griselio Torresola and Oscar Collazo, Puerto Rican Nationalist Party tried to kill Harry Truman (but killed one of his guards). In 1954 Roman-catholic members of the Puerto Rican Nationalist party in a shooting fray in the House of Representatives attempted to kill some of the members of that body and killed five congressmen.
    (PAINFUL FACT) Pope Pius VI was arrested by General Alexander Berthier under Napoleon on February 15, 1798 terminating the office of the Papacy. Thus ended the 1260 years of papal supremacy that had disgraced the world since 538 C.E. when it stood the undisputed power in the west, unobstructed by barbarian invasions. But that moribund status of papal power in 1798 was temporary. She was to rise again for the whole world to wonder at (Revelation 13:3, 8). This happened since 1929 when Mussolini reinstated the Papacy back its twofold powers, the spiritual and temporal. Thenceforth, this religio-political power have grown large and powerful again. America (Revelation 13:11) will endorse the Papacy and enforce its evil mark coercing all to receive it, “both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond” (Revelation 13:11-18). THE MARK IS SUNDAY– ROME’S MARK OF SUPREMACY. The number of the beast (666) is coercive Sunday observance which will be enacted and enforced to all nations starting from America. The seven-headed beast is the Papacy, the antichrist institution on earth since the time of the apostles (2Thessalonians 2:7; 1John 4:2) which was to continue till the coming of Christ (2Thessalonians 2:3-9). The harlot woman is the Roman-catholic institution who drank many blood of the saints (around 68-75 million human lives, other sources estimates up to 120 million). Opposite to this harlot-woman & religio-political beast of Revelation 13 & 17 are the remnant saints who “keep the Commandments of God and the faith….OF Jesus” (Revelation 14:12; 12:17; 19:10). These kind of saints will soon become the object of universal hatred and execration.

  13. (EVIL FACT) The Vatican created civil wars, organized Islamic terror under Obama administration, originated many viral diseases, as well as economic goals under the United Nations (a puppet of the Vatican). They create chaos, disease, climate change, and many other distortions and crimes so that in the end the people will call for the pope as the savior and solver of these problems, and as “the man of peace”. But it was the papacy who created these evils, making itself appear in the end as the ultimate solution of economic, climate, and spiritual crises.
    (PROTESTANT VERSUS ROMAN-CATHOLIC WORLD IMPACT) Desiderius Erasmus was revered for his intellect throughout Europe. We was a Roman-catholic scholar whose mind shaped the universities curriculum of that continent. Popes and Monarchs would seek his opinions and advice. But in his book, “THE PRAISE OF FOLLY” he slammed the Roman-catholic institution and all its hypocrisies, and the church didn’t like it. This opened the eyes of Martin Luther who took the lead in protesting against the Papal power.
    (PROTESTANT VERSUS ROMAN-CATHOLIC WORLD IMPACT) Protestant revolution exerted a worldwide influence on economy, science, politics, and education. If there was no Protestant revolution, we would not have enjoyed the freedom of science and learning we now do. We might have still been slaves to the priests and Roman clergymen.
    (PROTESTANT VERSUS ROMAN-CATHOLIC WORLD IMPACT) Protestant England colonized America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hongkong, Singapore, Israel, India, and many other countries. After the span of 200 years these countries are now progressive. The Protestant economic policy seeks to improve the lifestyle of the people of the place so that whatever their individual talents were they are to prosper in them. While Roman-catholic Spain colonized South America, pacific islands, and other parts of America and Europe. Notice after 200 years, these nations remain poor. The Roman-catholic mindset looks for slaves in the area they colonize. And the hacienderos would make them slaves for ever. That’s a typical cruel economic attitude of Roman-catholicism in making the world a poor place to live in.

  14. (PROTESTANT VERSUS ROMAN-CATHOLIC WORLD IMPACT) PROTESTANT COUNTRIES ARE RICH, SUCH AS UNITED KINGDOM, LUXEMBURG, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, NORWAY, SWEDEN, DENMARK, FINLAND, THE UNITED STATES, while Roman-catholic countries are poor such as Panama, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and many countries in South America, Philippines, and the list goes on.
    (PROTESTANT VERSUS ROMAN-CATHOLIC WORLD IMPACT) Import a lot of Roman-catholic immigrants to Protestant countries, and those countries will begin to sink, and its laws will descend into laws attuned to papal wishes.
    (PROTESTANT VERSUS ROMAN-CATHOLIC WORLD IMPACT) The reason why the Roman-catholic church desperately ban the RH Bill is because when her populations are controlled, they will dwindle and got lost in the mazes of today’s postmodern mentality that rejects structures and religious authorities. Many of their members convert to Protestantism on an hourly basis. The Roman-catholic system depends much on numbers of people, majority rule, prestige, academic distinctions, accreditations, licencing, validations and all such worldly concepts of status and authority. What it can’t control in the spiritual realm she coerces by the use of externals and reason. And so what we see is their logic displayed externally in the way they worship. All is form and rituals, devoid of biblical worship which is in spirit in and in truth. There is no truth in anything Roman when it comes to Bible religion. Biblical spirituality is incompatible with pagan reasoning. The humility and simplicity of Biblical religion does not blend with the arrogance of Roman pomp and display. And the Jewish Messiah has nothing to do with a Roman Pope.

  15. (PROTESTANT VERSUS ROMAN-CATHOLIC WORLD IMPACT) The attitude of the Papacy to be higher than any government leaders, kings, presidents and civil rulers, and supreme over all peoples and nations by the virtue of its apostolic chair led it to think to have the legitimate right to depose kings and governors by attempting to arouse rebellions through releasing citizens and subjects from any allegiance to their state heads and rulers. This is why the Roman-catholic church rely heavily on their numbers, and they want women to breed like vermin, and die producing children irrespective of the health and welfare of the mother, in order to multiply upon whichever countries the Roman-catholics live, only to be used as a religio-political machinery of their seditious intent towards government leaders who go against the Roman church. Assassination and impeachment is their expertise. But they will use political allies to do that, or to use their ready machine –the multitudes of Roman-catholics who do not know they are being used by their own church. The strategies to bring down a Protestant nation, and to weaken it are 1) immigration of thousands of Roman-catholics into Protestant soil. 2) Prevention of Reproductive Health Law and Abortion (Notice that the Roman-catholic convents in Spain, Brazil and Rome were the most notorious in this practice of throwing infants into the pit under convent tunnels. But they will use their moralizing as fa├žade to cover the enormity of their vileness. Murder of the innocent is the classical mark of the antichrist church) 3) The Jesuits will infiltrate government sectors to become lawyers, public officials, engineers, protestant pastors, or even protestant theologian, in every walks of life, and to gain a vantage position for control to shape the policy of that nation. In this way they can create laws or bend laws favourable to Rome. 4) Once they are on vantage ground, as they had long since been, they allow Islamic Terror, and other forms of civil and world wars, along with political intrigues to create chaos within a country to bring down its currencies and its political fibers, and humiliate these powerful Protestant nations to their knees, while the prestige of the Holy See remains intact and unscathed. The Papacy remains the absolute monarch in its sphere of influence in church and in many states, and in steadily and continually growing in power and ascendancy. It has the support of the United Nations, and the many nations where there are many Roman-catholics.

  16. 5) The Roman-catholic church will hire some obscure Roman-catholic assassin to literally assassinate Protestant government official whose platforms and projects are not in accordance to Rome’s preferences. They will not hesitate even if that president is their fellow Roman-catholic if such man will not agree with the purposes of the Vatican. 6) If there is a Roman-catholic president in a Protestant country, or if there is a Roman-catholic judge presiding at the meeting or handling a case, he can be absolved in his oath if the oath is sinful. And what is sinful or not is defined by the Roman-catholic Magisterium. Therefore they can lie or absolve themselves from any oath if it stands against the wishes of the Roman-catholic church. You see this is something traitorous and potentially subversive to any state. You must understand that this religion is traitor to our politics and constitution. It poisons the decisions of our Supreme Court. Beware of Roman-catholic judges. Whenever their judgment will falter between the two options, the Roman-catholic church hold the primacy in their decisions, and they will junk whatever judgment they had decided even if it was deemed irrevocable. Everything is revocable if this church so decides. This kind of thinking brings instability of our state. Because of Roman-catholicism, NO ROMAN-CATHOLIC COUNTRY WILL EVER BECOME PROSPEROUS. AND BECAUSE OF ROMAN-CATHOLICISM, THE PROSPERITY OF PROTESTANT NATIONS WILL MEETS ITS MURIBUND CONDITION. You cannot trust the prevaricating and seditious influence of this antichrist church. Since it dares to change God’s laws and the commands of Christ, it will not hesitate to change, perverse, poison, and alter the laws of the land.

  17. The institution of the Papacy is fitly called “the man of lawlessness” in 2Thessalonians 2:3-10. The Coming of the Messiah will not happen unless the earth must first witness the climax of human wickedness and sinfulness led by this “man of lawlessness” whose spirit of iniquity “had already begun” during the days of the Apostles (2Thessalonians 2:7; 1John4:3), and it will continue until it will swell with lying wonders, miracles great of small, and other pompous, god-like claims. But Christ will destroy this physical evil empire of Satan, the Roman-catholic church, with the brightness of Christ’s coming and with the Spirit of His mouth (2Thessalonians 2:8). Choose between the two, either the pope is the vice-Christ, or he is the biggest imposter and fraud the world has ever seen. And because the office of the Papacy and the whole structure of Roman-catholicism cannot be substantiated as originating from the Jewish Messiah, and its claims to supremacy is void of all legal powers, the Papacy is built upon nothing else except on usurpation, extortion, imposture, arrogance, and pageantry. It was NOT the church built upon the prophets and apostles with Christ the chief cornerstone (Ephesians 2:20) because its origins is pagan, heathen, unJewish, and gentile. Christianity is a Jewish sect, and it worships the God of Israel, YHWH, who made the heavens and the earth in six literal days and rested on the Sabbath day. Jesus, the God who became man enforces the Law of God, abolished sin and death in those who are repentant obedient to His Law, and He will come to vindicate the honour of His holy Law which was trampled upon by the unholy feet of this impure prostitute church, this vile whore in the book of Revelation, the Roman-catholic institution. Christ will come to execute His sentence against this Mother of Harlots, and on those who adhere to her teachings and errors. Therefore, “Come out of her, My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities…How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow. Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.” (Revelation 18:4-8; Read the whole Chapter of Revelation 17; The seven-headed beast in Revelation 13 is the same institution as of that in Revelation 17, the Roman-catholic institution. This is the antichrist church, Satan’s machinery of cruelty and deception. In the end, her protestant harlot daughters will carry out the deeds of her mother. These two apostate powers, the Roman-catholic church and the united Protestant churches who unite with Rome and the civil powers of the land will persecute the Remnant movement who “keep the Commandments of God and the faith of Jesus” (Revelation 12:17; Revelation 14:12; Revelation 19:10), it shall be the world versus the Seventh-day Adventist movement.

  18. ah father , protector ni delima? magkano po ba bigayan? sukdulan din ang proteksyon nyo sa kanya! haha. actually kau po ang kahiya

  19. Maraming nagawa ang presidente Duterte na makakatulong sa mahihirap! Libreng pag aaral, gamot, at iba pang makakatulong sa ekonomiya.


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