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EXTRAORDINARY PRESIDENT! Andanar on Duterte's Foreign Mission: No PH President achieved such achievement in four months

Communication Secretary Martin Andanar has doubtlessly President Rodrigo Duterte is the most fulfilled Chief Executive the Philippines has ever had despite the fact that he is only four months in the office .

In his Philippine Daily Inquirer column distributed Monday (Oct. 31), Andanar touted the additions of Duterte's late visits to China and Japan as evidence of the amount he has accomplished for the nation as such.

The President went home from his state visit to China from Oct. 18 to 21 with about $24 billion worth of Chinese help, stipends, joint endeavors and delicate advances. After a week, the President reported about $19 billion in Japanese help after his official visit to Japan.

Andanar said the additions of Duterte's remote excursions don't yet incorporate the $40 billion which privately owned businesses from China and Japan may put resources into the Philippines throughout the following two years.

“To say that the President’s two trips in two weeks were exercises in productive diplomacy will be an understatement. No previous Filipino president achieved such astounding gains from embarking on a foreign mission.” said Andanar.  [source]

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