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Duterte tax reform to affect rich, funds to be used to help poor and middle class Filipinos

DOF Undersecretary Karl Kendrick Chua said the Duterte organization's proposed Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion Act, which contains these VAT and fuel extract levy recommendations, would even shield poor and low-wage buyers from the impacts of these expense modification proposition in light of the fact that the new government is focused on giving exceedingly focused on direct exchange programs and circuitous endowments to them.

“Rather than being anti-poor, the tax reform plan will actually correct the injustice of only a few enjoying the benefits of growth. Our primary goal here is to give everyone a better chance of building a more stable future by equalizing opportunities for all through the adoption of a simpler, fairer and more efficient tax system,” Chua said.
“Given this, everybody should be responsible, both rich and poor. Equity considerations, therefore, should not figure in imposing the tax on petroleum products. What should be considered is how the tax will be adjusted to improve equity,” he added.

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