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Dominguez: President Duterte’s target is to reduced the number of poor Filipinos; His administration is working doubly hard!

President Duterte’s target is to reduced the number of poor Filipinos by 1.5 percent of the population annually over the next six years. With this target his administration needs to work hard in order to achieve this.

Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III said its doable but it will really require the Duterte Administration to work doubly hard. By this, they will be focus on the programs of the 10 point socioeconomic agenda that would generate enough jobs and opportunities for Filipinos.
“President Duterte’s poverty-reduction target remains doable, but it will entail pursuing with greater vigor the accelerated spending on labor-intensive infrastructure to boost growth as well as on human capital formation like education and health, so poor Filipinos can have better access to quality jobs and livelihood opportunities,” Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III said.
“A drastic reduction in the country’s poverty incidence as envisioned by the President has become more challenging, as this will require improving the living standards of the poorest-of-the-poor families instead of just uplifting the lives of those on the fringes of the poverty line,” he added.
He also mentioned that the Government's focus should be on the countryside because the poor are mostly living in rural areas.
“The government’s focus should be on the countryside as the severely poor are mostly in rural areas,” said Dominguez.
“This also means that we have to pursue tax reforms in the Congress without letup so the Duterte administration can generate enough revenues to bankroll both the pro-poor and business-friendly programs of the 10-point socioeconomic agenda on inclusive growth.” he added.


  1. Hooray, Secretary of Finance for your admirable goal of vigorous implementation and strict compliance of tax laws. It's about time that the connivance between the corrupt BIR employees and the unpatriotic taxpayers (self-employed individuals such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, consultants, contractors and other business people) be stopped.

    1. Revenue generation can be achieved by the government through taxpayers' participation by consciously paying their taxes and effective monitoring by means of audit - computerized or otherwise.


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