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Belgica slams Ombudsman 'Are you working for PNOY, ABAD, DE LIMA?'

Greco Belgica in his facebook account reacts on the fast decision of the Ombudsman to investigate General Bato all-paid Trip to LA not prioritizing a more important issue like De Lima's alleged drug case and the Yolanda funds issue.

Belgica was referring to Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, who initiated to investigate General Bato Dela Rosa trip.

On his Facebook account, he wrote an open letter questioning the Ombudsman if she is working for the Liberal Party. Instead of investigating the important matters, she turned heads to Dela Rosa's trip.

Read his full statement here:

If you can investigate BATO, whats stopping you from investigating DAP? Don't insult us, and rob us at the same time.
He who protects crooks, is a crook himself.
Ang daming kasong nakatambak sa inyo, bakit ito inuna nyo?
Are you working for PNOY, ABAD, DE LIMA? Aren't you by affinity related to the President who serves no one but God and the people?
Di po ba dapat sa tao at batas ang inyo pong katapatan? Can't you just show a sense of fairness?
Can you not be true to your constitutional duty to investigate and file charges against the biggest corruption case we've seen in recent Philippine history - DAP and the Pork Barrel system.
Kung di nyo po kaya ang trabaho, paki iwan nyo na po, at hahanap kami ng may kaya.
She is sitting on the DAP and Pork barrel cases and using BATO, our lead man in the fight against drugs as her victim.
Ombudsman Morales is working for PNOY and the LP. She runs her agency unchecked and accounts to no one. Thus, abuses her power and sells out the filipinos to her benefactors.
She is a yellow army protector. The biggest stumbling block to justice. My case with her to investigate DAP has been pending since 2014. She has down played it and has no plans of truly investigating it.
She has filed no case on anyone who used DAP, when Napoles NGO's received DAP the same way they received the Pdaf of Bong, Jinggoy, Enrile etc.
She turned a blind eye on the lost Yolanda donations. She turns a blind eye on cases against De Lima for bribery, corruption against drugs.
The strict and stiff posture is not true. We've volunteered to help them in fact finding and case build up. She played with our hope and gave us the run around.
Why investigate BATO for a free trip? When BILLIONS of pesos we're malversed, used as bribe, and stolen from DAP, PDAF and Yolanda funds?
Shame on those who perverts justice and abuse power. For judges who plays politics and protects criminals, shows no love for country and will rot in their ambitions and corruption. You all should and retire!
Politicians wouldn't be as cruel, rude and corrupt if you have done your job and had not sell out.

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