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Andanar reveals that Trillanes is the man behind Ombudsman investigation against Duterte

Andanar said that Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales' will conduct an  investigation on the plunder and graft complaint filed by Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV last May against Duterte.

"We all know that part of the constitutional mandate of the Ombudsman is to act on complaints against government employees and officials, including the complaint filed by Senator Trillanes against the President when he was still mayor of Davao City," Andanar added.

"However, whether this will become a case against the President is an entirely different matter," he added.

Trillanes' complaints were filed on May 5 — four days before the presidential election, stemming from Duterte's alleged anomalous hiring of more than 11,000 contractual workers in 2014 with the city government spending a total of P708 million. 

Trillanes alleged that the ghost workers were hired even if there was no hiring manual, opening up the employment process to "patronage politics." [source]

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