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Albuera Mayor Espinosa murdered said inmates:'Sabi ni Mayor, punta muna ako ng CR sir. Sabi ng mama, wag ka na pumunta. Yun na putok na'

The witness said members of the Philippine National Police Criminal Investigation and Detection Group in Region 8 serve search warrants on Baybay City prison
There were 40 detainees in the jail but Espinosa was alone in cell number one and on the other end of the hall was inmate Raul Yap
"May dala silang cutter. Laking cutter tapos nakita nilang may CCTV bumalik sila. Pag balik nila, wala nang ilaw ang CCTV. Pumasok sila tapos patay na ang ilaw," said a witness who covered his face with a scarf to hide his identity.
All inmates were ordered by the police to drop to the floor on their stomachs.  "Dito kami nakadapa lahat. Pinagdadapa kami," pointing to the floor of his cell.
"Pinagsasabihan nga kami na pag nagsalita kami, pagbabalikan kaming lahat. Babarilin kami.
The witness then said  two CIDG operatives, who were wearing police uniforms without nameplates, barged into Espinosa's cell.
The Mayor, even greeted the policemen, "Good evening." said the witness and the police greeted back. Few seconds when they hear the mayor saying to not plant contraband because he doesn't have those.
"Sabi ni mayor, huwag nyo akong lagyan sir dahil wala akong ganyan. Wag nyo akong planter-an," the witness recalled.
The detainee said Espinosa even asked the operatives if he could use the toilet, but gunshots were heard a few minutes after.
"Sabi ni Mayor, punta muna ako ng CR sir. Sabi ng mama, wag ka na pumunta. Yun na putok na. Binaril na si Mayor. Hindi na nakapagsalita," the detainee said.

The next thing they knew, both Espinosa and Yap were bathing in their own blood.
"Sinabi nila na may baril si Mayor, walang baril yun. Alam namin dahil mahigpit kasi yung searching nila dito... Wala, walang lumaban," the male witness said.
The PNP said some detainees are willing to testify in court about what they witnessed.
There are CCTV cameras in the facility, but footage of the incident has disappeared. [source]

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