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ABS-CBN ASKED FOR APOLOGIES! Pagsabi ni Duterte ng De bomba ginawa nilang bomb makers instead of airgun!

On the article posted by ABS CBN yesterday about Duterte's response on Us not selling arms to Philippines emphasizing his statement about the 'de bomba'

"Yan lang pantakot niya sa akin. Hindi sya magpabili ng armas? eh karaming de bomba dito" President said. 

ABS-CBN translated it as "They're (US) using it to scare me. They don't want to sell their weapons? WE HAVE A LOT OF BOMB MAKERS."

Here is the link of the news, ABS CBN MISTRANSLATED DUTERTE'S STATEMENT which later on they corrected and ask for apology.

But before they asked for apologies, Netizens have read the sid article and reacted on it. Some slams Duterte but most of them defended him and once again accused the  media network for being biased. 


  1. The correction is called an erratum. Part of journalism.

  2. before this mainstream media post something, they should make sure that their terms and translations are correct. simple word na "de bomba" hindi nila alam. 70%+ na tao sa pinas ay bisaya (cebuano, ilonggo etc), at ang term na airgun ay de bomba.

  3. Maingat po sana tayo bilang media. Madaling magpatawad pero yong "damage" di na maaalis. Nagkamali mga ba kayo o sinadya?

  4. Once again, ABS-CBN is caught red-handed trying to wrongly interprete a simple word - "de bomba" (referring to "airgun") - and put a more questionable word - "bomb makers" (easily connected to terrorists. If it did not snowball into a wide alarming complain from netizens, and most particularly to Professor Contreras of La Salle who made a stinging rebuke to ABS-CBN for such intended "mistake" aimed to stoke the ire of foreign media to dismiss our President Digong in the most unexpected kind of media backlash, the ABS-CBN would not have left a finger to apologize for it because such journalistic slanting of "truth" has already become the "business as usual" practice of the mainstream media in our country for they were believed to be part of the plan of Digong's political enemies to malign and destroy him despite the remarkable achievements earned by his recent state visits to our neighboring ASEAN countries and most sugnificant of all is Digong's successful trip to China and Japan, where he was given a red-carpet treatment in China and in Japan he was dubbed "wise man" by Japamese media.

  5. Paano cla naging journalists? Wla akung background sa jornalism pero alam ko kung anu ibig sabihin ng presidente. Mga paninira ang nsa isip nila kasi, gusto nlang masira ang reputasyun ni presidente. Sana ndi na clang puending mag cover ng mga balita parti sa malacanang.

  6. Obvious ABS-CBN that you are trying to destroy the image of our President. I did not vote for him but i respect him as our President now. Be responsible enough before you release any article.


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