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3 Taon hindi pa rin tapos ang Yolanda housing! Ang sagot ni Robredo: Hindi ito matapos dahil sa proseso ng documentation

THE National Housing Authority  reported that a total of 12,635 housing units are ready for occupancy and 8,820 more to be completed before the end of 2015 but unfortunately, up to this month of 2016, only 10% was finished and according to Leni Robredo it is due to documentation.


  1. Duh!!!! Documentation for 3 yrs?..lokohin nung lekong nu...kung gusto may paraan, pag ayaw may dahilan...w8 until the SC will investigate on it...for sure aquino administration used it for personal interests...Leni's reason is another rubbish alibi...

  2. Other housing projects. Done by other entities were done. Is she saying they did not go through the same process?

  3. mas nauna pang matapos ung rehabilitasyon na pinagawa ng presidente. baka naibulsa na ung budget jan.


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