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Woman who Predicted the Fall of Twin Towers & Has More Bad News for 2016! Check This Out!

Vangela Padeva Dimitrova or also known as Vava Banga was born on January 31, 1911 in theterritory of modern Macedonia. She died on August 11, 1996 and was buried at the churchyard of Bulgarian Church Saint Petka in the Rupite region.

     Dimitrova was recognized for her visions of the 20th century, which is now and she was even known as 'Nostradamus of the Balkans'. She lost her sight at the age of 12, because of getting swept by a mighty tornado which covered her eyes with dirt and stones that's why she became blind.

     At the age of 16, she started making predictions such as helping her father to find a stolen sheep which she provided a very detailed description of the yard in which the sheep was in, and was being hidden by the thieves.

     At the age of 30, she foresee a lot more and was even visited by the Adolf Hitler himself. Dimitrova died way back in 1996 and even before she died, she predicted a lot of things that would happen in the 20th century, such as the Tsunami of year 2004, and the attack and fall of the Twin Towers.

     This 2016, she has also seen that the Muslims will invade Europe and on the year 2018 China will be the leader of the world, as it will take the lead from the worn out U.S., she also added that in the same year, 2018, a space probe will discover a new form of energy in the planet Venus.
"The African-American President would be the Last Acting President of the United States."
In 1989, Dimitrova predicted the attack on the Twin Tower and thus she said:
"Horror, Horror! The American Brethren will Fall after being Attacked by the Steel Birds. The Wolves will be Howling in a Bush, and  Innocent Blood will be Gushing."

     We are indeed witnesses on what she predicted as the World Trade Center Towers in New York City has collapsed after the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001.

American Brethren = Towers in NYC
Steel Birds = Planes
Bush = Surname of the Current U.S. President (2011)
"A Big Wave will Cover a Large Coast with People and Villages where Everything Disappears Under Water."

     Dimitrova predicted a lot of things that would happen and some of them were really notable as it did a lot of damage in the world. Below are more of Dimitrova's Major Prophecies from the year 2016  onwards:

2016 - Europe will be invaded by the Muslims
2018 - China will be the Leader of the World
2023 - The Earth's orbit will Drastically Change
2025 - Europe Population will Disappear Because of the Wars
2028 - People will attempt to Find other Sources of Energy to Earth by Traveling to other Planets
2033 - The Poles will Melt which will Make the Water Level Raise
2076 - Communism will Return to Europe and to the Rest of the World
2084 - Nature will be Reborn
2100 - A result of a Scientific Project in 2008 will make a new Artificial Sun that will Illuminate the Dark Side of the Planet which will use Nuclear Energy.
2130 - Earth will be Visited by ET's.
2170 - Global Drought
2187 - Eruption of 2 Large Volcanoes
2262 - Comet Threatens to Hit Mars
2480 - Earth will be in Total Darkness because of the 2 Artificial Suns will Collide.
3005 - Trajectory of the Planet will be changed by a War on Mars
3010 - Earth will be Covered in Ashes and Rocks Because of a Comet that will Hit the Moon.
3787 - Earth Dies, but the mankind has Sufficiently Advance Materials to Move to a New Solar System.
5079 - End of the Universe

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