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WATCH:Lucy Torres Exposes Truth Behind Yolanda Relief' May politika talaga,sasabihan sila alis ka sa linya di ka kaalyado'

Kudos to this congresswoman who has balls to expose this embarrassing system where certain mayors withhold goods and choose the beneficiaries (base their distribution according to a list of who voted for them).

"We are in a crisis dapat hindi nila tinitingnan ang voters list, inuuna nila ang nasa voters list. Pati pagdistribute may politika, pipiliin kung sino ang pagbibigyan. DSWD refused to give even a sack of rice because it needed the endorsement of the Mayor, unfair talaga" said Lucy Torres.

1 comment:

  1. Wow...they'd rather let it spoil or get rotten than to distribute it to the hungry victims! So evil!!!


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