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WATCH: Witness SPO3 Lascañas educates Sen. Trillanes 'Hindi po relo ang test of credibility, wala yan sa libro ng law'

Audience laughs after witness SPO3 Edgardo Lascañas wisely answered to Senator Antonio Trillanes who tested the credibility of his testimonies.
Senator Trillanes tested the credibility of SPO3 Edgardo Lascañas by trying to verify if Lascañas really gave a watch to Edgar Matobato before.
Lascañas believed that the watch is not the sole basis of credibility.
“Your honor, kung relo lang ang basehan sa credibility, parang may problema ata” this answer of Lascañas made the audience laugh.
Trillanes insisted that if the receipt and the serial number of the watch matched, the statement of Lascañas would became worthless.
But Lascañas who has Law credits, lectured Sen. Trillanes about Law that made the audience laugh again.
“Your honor, wala pa akong nabasang libro sa law, yung test of credibility ay relo”
Edgar Matobato claimed in his testimony that SPO3 Edgardo Lascañas was involved in alleged extrajudicial killings happened during President Duterte’s term as Davao City Mayor.
Lascañas admitted that he met Matobato 30 years ago when the self proclaimed member of Davao Death Squad offered him a property in Samal Island.
He also admitted that he did give a wristwatch to Matobato which was second-hand and not brand-new as Matobato previously claimed.
Lascañas denied the existence of the Vigilante Group Davao Death Squad.
“Wala pong Davao Death Squad. Media hype lang iyan,”
Thinking Pinoy posted a video showing the part of the questioning of Trillanes to Lascañas on Facebook. [source]

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