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WATCH: Roque to De Lima: "Ayaw nya umattend ng hearing? Ipapakulong ko siya!"

Kabayan Partylist Rep. Harry Roque has threatened De Lima and is ready to have her arrested if she continues to not attend the senate probe.  Roque also pointed out that she is not being investigated as a senator, but as the former Justice Secretary, a position which she allegedly abused.

Currently, De Lima is also facing different allegations in lieu of her feud againstPresident Duterte. She is also being questioned for presenting an “unreliable” witness in the senate hearing for extrajudicial killings. The witness was found to be “fake” by some senators. 

He also challenged the Senator to attend the senate probe to prove her innocence.

As of writing, De Lima has stood firm in her decision not to attend any senate probe and dismissed these allegations as "sham inquiry."

“I don’t think they have a legitimate matter to be a subject of an inquiry in aid of legislation...I was the one who initiated that [raid]. Why should I be the one investigated?" This is the statement of former Justice secretary Leila De Lima who refused to attend a senate probe over the issue of confiscated drugs inside the Bilibid in 2014.  [source]

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