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This is the US' Response to Duterte's Statements Against Obama

This is the US' Response to Duterte's Statements Against Obama

Following the pronouncement of President Duterte to cut alliances with the world's giant, United States, another statement from the President has stirred an international commotion. This is when he told U.S President Barack Obama to "go to hell" and would prefer kneeling down before the king of Brunei and Malaysia than him. He also reiterated how the US has criticized him in the alleged extrajudicial killings which he described us "riding on garbage"thrown by his political rival. The president then pointed out that the US should have been supportive in his goal to end the chronic drug problem in the country. 

These are the exact statements of the President directed towards the US:

"Instead of helping us, the first to hit back was the State Department, so you can go to hell. Mister Obama, you can go to hell," 

"EU better choose purgatory because hell is full."

"If this is what happens now, I will be reconfiguring my foreign policy. Eventually I might, in my time, I will break up with America. I would rather go to Russia and to China. At least even if we do not agree with the ideology, they have respect for the people."

John KirbyUS State Department spokesman stated the US response following these profane statements of Duterte and said last Tuesday: "We've already spoken to this sort of rhetoric,"

"Frankly, it seems at odds with the warm relationship that exists between the Filipino and American people and the record of important cooperation between our two governments, cooperation that has continued under the Duterte government," Kirby added.

However, two US officials clarified that no serious discussion have taken place as to cutting the US' aid the the Philippines. 

Meanwhile, many senators, including Duterte's allies have pleaded for him to cut down the talk and just do more work. They also suggested to act more like a statesman to prevent stirs that can compromise PH's international stance.  [source]

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