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Tawagan ni De lima at Ronnie Dayan "love or babes" says Junel Sanchez

Roque ask Sanchez if Dayan and De Lima have endearment to which the latter answered, 'Yes po love or babes ang tawagan nila Secretary De Lima at Ronnie Dayan.'

Sanchez have read the sweet text messages from Ronnie dayan to De Lima because as security aid he holds some of the things of De Lima including her cellphone.

"nababasa ko po ang sweet text messages ni Ronnie Dayan dahil minsan ako ang humahawak ng Cellphone ni Secretary De Lima bilang security aide nya." said Sanchez.

In addition De Lima bought personal things to Dayan according to Sanchez. 

"Binibilhan din nya ng sapatos at mga gamit na personal si Ronnie Dayan" he added.

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