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Sweden Is Sending Business Delegation To The Philippines! IKEA, SAAB Group and Other Swedish Companies Included!

Sweden is set to send its biggest businessmen assignment to work together in the Philippines in spite of President Rodrigo Duterte's  controversial foreign policy issue. 

Likewise, Sweden is going to revive its consulate in Manila in the wake of shutting down last 2008 because of spending cuts and after they perceived that the Philippines is one of the area's quickest developing economies on the planet. 

Harald Fries, Sweden's minister assign, said the accomplishment of Swedish brands like H&M in the nation demonstrates that celebrated home frill and furniture chain Ikea and Volvo Busses are not a long ways behind from being propelled here. 

He likewise included that no Swedish organization is reluctant to work together in the nation regardless of Duterte's dubious controversial foreign policy issue.

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