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Source of Robredo’s Controversial Votes Revealed

An independent IT expert company contacted Marcos’ camp and revealed where Leni Robredo’s votes are coming from.
According to GMA News tonight, the IT expert company said that COMELEC replaced the script of transparency server after around 7:30 PM on Monday night. The source said the script has the ability to manipulate and alter the number of votes transmitted by different Vote Counting Machines (VCM).
“We received the unsettling information that at past 7:30 p.m. on May 9, 2016, Election Day, a new script or computer command was introduced to the transparency server — the very same server from which the PPCRV  (Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting) obtains its data for the quick count,” said lawyer Francesca Huang, member of Marcos’ legal team, in a press conference.
Huang said this new script “altered” the hash codes of the Comelec’s packet data.
“Apparently, the execution of this computer command was able to alter the hash codes of the packet data,” she said.
Huang, however, could not expound on the hash code or the nature of the data that were allegedly altered, saying that their technical team are still closely studying the matter.
Huang instead said that after the introduction of this new script on Monday, Marcos’ lead of about 1 million votes over then- closest rival Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo began to diminish.
“Furthermore, the introduction of this new script is suspect because it was after this time that Senator Marcos’ lead from Representative Robredo started to erode at a rather distinctive pattern,” Huang said.
Most of the observers noticed the drastic changes after the transmitting of data became slower on Monday night.
Senator Mirriam Santiago has blatantly criticized the Aquino administration on manipulating the votes on Wednesday night.
“There is a very clear reason why Leni Robredo is confident enough to win. Their plan B is now working,” independent political analyst Atty. Simeon Macalintal said. [source]

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