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Sotto slams Aquino Administration: 'Parati kong sinasabi labanan 'yung droga, walang nangyayari. Pasok dito, labas dito'

"In the last 10 years, sigaw ako nang sigaw sa Senate floor... Kaya ako nagmamaktol dito sa Senate floor, halos every Congress, mga anim o pito ang privilege speech ko tungkol sa gobyerno na labanan 'yung droga, walang nangyayari. Pasok dito, labas dito," he added.

"Kaya itong nangyayaring ito ngayon, I am very interested with these statistics. You actually deserve congratulations," he went on.

Sen. Pacquiao also commended PNP for the good result of the 'massive' drug war.

"Bakit nating atakihin ang programa laban sa droga, eh napaganda naman ang resulta," he said

During the EJK senate hearing, Dela Rosa explained that 22,387 people have been arrested in the 23,474 drug operations conducted as of 6 a.m. on Oct. 3. 

Meanwhile, 1,375 were killed in the operations, allegedly for fighting during arrest.

The police chief said the thousands arrested are alive. [source]


  1. Most of the anti-Duterte and those who allegedly accuse the government of extra-njudicial killing did not understand what Pres. Duterte has been saying that only when the policemen are confronted with imminent danger of being killed that they are authorized to fight or shoot back. Most of those suspects that were killed are those who resisted arrest and fought back. The authorities knew the law of engagement in every critical situation. But unless their lives are in jeopardy, their instinctive knowledge of self-defense begins to come in. When one breaks and defies the law, a lethal consequences are oftentimes ensued unnecessary death. President Duterte has clearly given them the choice, if they choose to live they should surrender, if they fight it would be at their own risk. Sadly, too many fought back and lost their life. Choose life and live or fight and die.

  2. Pag ligetimate ang operation ( mission) expect a casualty iether to both side from criminals or from the law inforcer . ang problema pag succesful ang mission ginagawang ilegal ng mga oposition kasama ang human right kuno . naranasan namin yan . dapat supportahan na lang kisa ibandonado pa sa boong mundo gamit ang mga bayarang media . kong ako ang commander il tell my men " id rurhee see you in jail than to see you in a copin.


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