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So Who is the real communist now? Enrile: Trillanes China trips are associated to $70-B loan to implement China's projects in PH

10/22/2016 — Senator Juan Ponce Enrile on Friday said he got information that the stealthy excursion of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV to China, just before he volunteered to be a back-channel go between for the Philippine government is connected with the $70-billion credit ensured by Beijing to the Philippines. 

Advancing puzzle to his primary objective, the Senate has no record that Trillanes searched for assent for any of his six journeys to China, Enrile said. Trillanes used a typical international ID and declined to have this stamped by relocation. 

"I have gotten data this has something associated with the $70-billion credit that should have been guaranteed by the Chinese government to the President to execute China's tasks," Enrile said in a TV meeting. 

Regardless, Enrile said he had not affirmed the information, yet rather requested that an exceptionallydependable source offered it to him after his showdown with Trillanes on the floor in the Senate whole last Wednesday

"I have not confirmed this, but rather I got this data," Enrile said. 

"I was pondering, how might this man . . . I've been in the administration for a long, long time. I think you can't go to China and simply burst into the Foreign Affairs Ministry of China, and make a visit to them, none, no one," he advance clarified. [source]

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