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Senate President Koko Pimentel on Duterte's way of speaking: 'I want the president to be effective. let him be himself'

Senate President Koko Pimentel praised President Rodrigo Duterte for his humility in apologizing to the Jewish community which was hurt by ‎ his statement that he would happily slaughter 3 million ‎drug addicts like Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler killed 6 million Jews.
Pimentel said that all persons including him make mistakes and they learn from these.
“Basta lahat tayo, lahat ng tao ay natututo sa mga past experiences, di ko sinasabi pagkakamali ha, basta past experiences. Ganoon din po ang pangulo, ganoon din ako. We learn from all our pass experiences,” said Pimentel.
But Pimentel said Duterte’s faux pas on the Hitler allusion should not force him to be overly cautious in his future speeches.
“But of course, ako I want the president to be effective. let him be himself,” said Pimentel. [source]


  1. you are absolutely correct sir pimentel. we are only humans. who does not make mistake? but we learn from those mistakes and if we sincerely apologise for them we can only pray and hope that the apology is accepted in return.

  2. I agree 100%. Talk the talk and walk the walk. What more can I ask?


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