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Sebastian on Colanggo: He is one of the few persons inside the NBP who "has a heart"

New Bilibid Prison (NBP) drug lord Jaybee Sebastian said matter-of-factly during the House Committee on Justice hearing Monday (October 10) that Filipinos are “indebted” to his fellow detained drug lord, Herbert Colanggo.
According to Sebastian, Colanggo exposed to authorities all the illegal activities occurring inside the NBP thanks to his weekly concert-slash-parties there.
“Kung hindi siya nagconcert hindi natin mababalitaan pangyayari sa loob,” Sebastian told the Justice, which has been probing the proliferation of illegal drugs at the penal facility.

“Kami lahat magiging smooth operator, yung pagpasok ng kontrabado sa loob byproduct nalang ito sa kinita sa shabu,” said the convicted kidnapper, who, before a falling out, considered Colanggo as a true and honest friend.
Sebastian further described Colanggo as one of the few persons inside the NBP who “has a heart”.
However, Justice panel Chairman Rep. Rey Umali of Oriental Mindoro took issue with the inmate’s hero-worship of Colanggo at the public hearing, and flexed his muscle on it.
“Parang di maganda you’ll use the House to acknowledge Colanggo for doing the country a favor. That’s something we cannot accept in this House. I direct the Comsec to strike off the record that question and those statements attributed to Colanggo,” Umali said.
Colanggo, who views himself as a “pop star”, holds weekly concerts at the NBP for the love of his hobby–singing. He even has a platinum-selling music album.
It was learned that during these concerts, jail officials turn a blind eye to the smuggling of contraband such a liquor, drugs and even people (in form of concert guests and entertainers) in the NBP. [source]

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