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Mar Roxas likes to present himself as clean and genuine however his opponents paint him as a liar and a hypocrite.

One of the issues that keeps on dogging him is the Yolanda aid program and when he was asked about it, he walked away. More on this in the story demonstrated as follows.

 ILOILO CITY, Philippines – In the midst of his touring effort in the Visayas to earn support from neighborhood officials over his presidential offer, Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Mar Roxas left a gathering of columnists after being asked his sentiment on the problem-plagued Emergency Shelter Assistance (ESA) fund set aside for survivors of Typhoon Yolanda, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

In a trap meeting, Roxas was asked by an ABS-CBN columnist on his stand in regards to the ESA which has been loaded with deferrals and affirmed anomalies.

In response, the Interior Secretary replied with “Well, whose agency is supposed to…?”

When the reporter answered Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Roxas shot back with “What is my agency?” before suddenly going out of the room.

The interview lasted a mere 17 seconds, with many reporters saying they were surprised by the Interior Secretary’s sudden walk-out.

He also refused to entertain further questions, they added.

However, the Interior Secretary’s allies said Roxas was just in a hurry to get to Bacolod City, Negros Occidental and wasn’t out to snub anyone.

Earlier, he made his pitch to 250 mayors who were attending a conference of the League of Municipalities of the Philippine (LMP) in the city.

Touting his family’s root in the Visayas, Roxas appealed to the executives to help place a Visayan President in MalacaƱang.

“Nobody else will be able to say this: nobody else, because I am the only one from Visayas. Join me and I will give you a President from the Visayas,” he told those in attendance.

Roxas’ mother hails from Negros Occidental while his father the late senator Gerardo Roxas was born in Capiz. [source]

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