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President Duterte’s Letter to UN Special Rapporteur. A MUST READ!

A letter from Duterte through the effort of Executive Sec. Salvador Medialdea to the UN Rapporteur is here contains:
The Government of the Republic of the Philippines congratulates you on your recent appointment as UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial killings. We understand that you are mandated, among others, to examine the circumstances surrounding extrajudicial/summary/arbitrary executions and thereafter to submit your findings, conclusions and recommendations to the UN Human Rights Council and the General Assembly. The Philippines has been in the international limelight since the assumption of office of President Rodrigo R. Duterte last July 1, 2016 due to number of drug-related killings which his critics and detractors term “extrajudicial.’
Maybe, it is appropriate for us to recall the President’s pronouncement in his inaugural speech that the sale, use and proliferation of illegal drugs shall be stopped by “all means that the law allows.” It is in this context that we invite you to visit our country and see for yourself whether or not the criticisms are legally and factually sound.
We are confident that whatever reports, papers or data you may have been furnished with for your perusal and consideration by your immediate predecessor have not swayed you into prejudging the situation in the Philippines. We certainly expect your good self to take a fresh look at the Philippine situation in the light of the drug problem that bedevils our country and have been proven to be more widespread than initially thought. We likewise expect you to look into the circumstances surrounding the killing of our policemen during legitimate drug operations. That way, your picture of the enormity and gravity of our problem, and the audacity of drug personalities can be placed on accurate perspective.
Since it is this administration that is maligned as being behind these extrajudicial killings, due process requires that the Pesident of the Philippine Republic, be given the opportunity to propound his own questions which have been nagging him for some time. The right to be heard is great principle which every nation recognizes.
I suppose that that would further fortify his right to due process which requires that the party against whom a charge is levelled, is accorded the opportunity to propound his own questions to whomever he deems appropriate, including your good self.
After all, the party charged is entitled to know the motive for the investigation, and why the focus is on the Philippines when there are other nations responsible for the death of innocent and defenseless individuals elsewhere in the world.
Those are extrajudicial killings too, are they not? Finally, it would be best to put everyone to whom questions are directed to swear under oath that the answers and/or responses they give are the truth and nothing but the truth,” ang laman ng sulat ni Executive Sec. Salvador Medialdea sa UN.

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