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Pres. Duterte Reveals Gov. Imee Marcos Was A Campaign Donor

IN his speech during the “Sulong Pilipinas: Local Governance Series: LGU Consultations On Peace And Order And Social Development With Luzon Local Officials” President Rodrigo Duterte revealed that Governor Imee Marcos was one of his campaign donor when he ran for office.
Duterte recalls his struggles and burdens of campaigning for the highest position in the land with no political machinery and funds to back him up.
Wala akong barangay captain, wala akong congressman, wala akong pera. Si Imee pa ang nagbigay. Sabi niya inutang daw niya. Si Imee supported me,” he stressed.
He added that probably because of his father’s loyalty to the late Ferdinand Marcos that Imee Marcos trusted him, he recalls that his father was the only cabinet who stood by Marco’s side when everyone was jumping ship to the Liberal party.
“I do not know if because you know my father was a Cabinet member of President Marcos during the first term of his presidency. My father was one of the two who stood by Marcos in his darkest hours. Everybody was shifting to the Liberal at that time, kay Diosdado Macapagal. And it was only Ebarle and my father who stood by Marcos,” he added. [source]

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