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Pimentel considers conducting an investigation on CIA funding the Abusayaff, ask Ramos and top military officials to testify

In 1990s, the CIA enlisted individuals for the Abu Sayyaf, Pimentel asserted, who were then trained in Sulu and Tawi-Tawi by a world class Philippine military unit. 
For some obscure reason, CIA financing for the Abu Sayyaf was later cut off, provoking the agitators to depend on banditry, seizing and different violations. 
“Parenthetically, there is a new book, Browback by Chaimers Johnson, that may justify a deeper study into the affairs of the CIA in our country that have a direct relevance to the problems that the Abu Sayyaf is causing us today,” Pimentel said.
Pimentel is considering if the senate will need to lead an examination, on the off chance that it does, they ask previous President Ramos and best military authorities to affirm.

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