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Paolo Duterte dared Trillanes to do a more rigorous drugtest with him

Davao City vice mayor Paolo Duterte has accepted Senator Antonio Trillanes IV’s challenge for him to undergo a comprehensive drug test following the presidential son’s revelation that a senator is using cocaine.
The younger Duterte, however, dared Trillanes and his colleagues to submit to a more rigorous drug test as well.
“If the rank and file could submit themselves to drug testing, the more should those elected in public office,” he said.
Duterte said there are drug testing centers in Metro Manila that could detect illegal drugs not just in the urine or blood but even in hair follicles.
In particular, the vice mayor said a high-precision drug test center located at Bonifacio Global City could detect traces of seven major drug classes like cocaine, opiates, metamphetamine, marijuana, ketamine, and benzodiazepine using a person’s hair sample.
Citing information from a common friend, Duterte recently revealed that a senator is allegedly using cocaine.

Trillanes belied the vice mayor’s allegation and challenged the presidential son to name the senator in public.
He also challenged the younger Duterte to submit himself to drug test that would test not just urine but the blood as well.

Self confessed hitman Edgar Matobato earlier claimed that the vice mayor used illegal drugs in his youth. [source]

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  1. hindi malayong adik nga itong si Trillanes kasi we can see his behavior during the 2nd senate hearing on ejk where he turned off the mic of his co-senator Allan Peter Cayetano


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