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National Anti-Poverty Commission Declared That the Decreasing Poverty Reported During Aquino Administration Was Fake

Entire year destitution frequency numbers are by and large lower than first semester gauges as livelihoods are normally higher in the second semester, yet never to such an extent as in 2015.
This shows the decay to a great extent happened in the second semester of 2015, a period just before the 2016 national decision when the past organization pushed hard to choose Liberal Party leading figure Mar Roxas.

"It is possible that the decline was largely due to a massive influx of cash to the poor through the conditional cash transfer program, bottom-up budgeting projects, a hiring spree of street sweepers and similar temp jobs, and general election-related spending in an all-out effort by the past administration to elect Roxas. This means that the decline is probably artificial, and does not reflect any real change in the situation of the poor." said Sec. Liza L. Maza

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