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Miriam Alleged Last Words to Duterte:'Bongbong Knows Everything He Can Help You, Don't Trust Robredo!''

Several days before the late “Iron Lady of Asia”, Miriam Defensor Santiago succumb to death due to lung cancer, President Rodrigo Duterte allegedly visited her at St. Luke’s Medical Center for the last time.
The former senator’s aide, the only one of two aides inside Miriam’s chamber during Duterte's visit,  said the president and the senator had a good talk that lasted for almost an hour before the former bid farewell.

The former aid and personal nurse for more than a decade said the two discussed much on how the president should handle his political opponents, critics, and foreign media.

The late senator advised Duterte to be careful with some people around him who just shifted party after he took the presidency. The aide said the senator named some people, especially congressmen and senators that could put down Duterte if he will not be careful, but the aide did not disclose the names. “The only thing Mam Miriam said that was very clear to my ear until now is when she told the president not to trust Vice President Leni Robredo because she is his successor in case something happens to him, and she is being manipulated by Aquino and Roxas” the source said. Miriam allegedly said that Duterte should always remain vigilant in dealing with Robredo and other top LP members who are still in congress.
“You should give Bongbong a cabinet position close to you because he knows everything and he can help you. He can always be by your side no matter what happens”, Miriam said to Duterte according to her personal nurse. 

The aide further said that the president responded by shaking his head and told the former senator “yes, I am just waiting for May next year because we know that Bongbong is still ineligible to have any cabinet position now,” Duterte said according to the source.
Bongbong Marcos has been silent after filing his election protest complaint against Robredo last month, but the former senator and the president remain in close allies as described by the president in in one of his recent speeches. [source]

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