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MAYOR MAGDALENO PEÑA: Kung Si Roxas Nag Presidente Baka Pati Aso Mo Maging Adik Na!

Mayor MAGDALENO PEÑA of Negros created an impression in a video that becomes famous online on the web.

On the video the Mayor said that " Ang Negros committed a fair error, Majority voted in favor of Roxas who got 640K votes while Duterte just had 270K votes. On the off chance that Mar Roxas, won, well he won here in Negros, however in the event that the Philippines resemble negros baka pati aso mo maging drug someone who is addicted."

We comprehend why the Mayor put forth such an expression. In the event that Tuwid na Daan let this medications thrive in such a startling scale, then extra 6 more years is certainly a defeat of this nation.

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