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Martin Andanar on Duterte: 'Our people trust the President, judging him more by what he does and less by what he says'

President Rodrigo Duterte has earned unsolicited criticisms for his controversial and seemingly foul remarks against US President Barack Obama, the United Nations and the European Union, causing public nuisance that triggered detractors and even the international media to meddle.

Some are blinded by their own ideals and are skeptical of the new administration. They are quick to judge and are brisk to find flaws instead of actually looking at the outcome in a bigger perspective. No one should be blamed. This is a democratic country and everyone is entitled to freedom of expression.

Nevertheless, the outspoken Chief Executive has gained trust and excellent leadership ratings in his first 100 days in the office.

Surveys show that a greater number of Filipino citizens are confident that they can firmly rely on Duterte.

He might have his own way of implementing peace and order with his bloody war on illegal drugs but, Duterte has 81 percent of the Filipino people commending his bold effort to bring change and believing in his actions more than in his words.

Disregard the harsh manner of speaking and measure the degree of performance, only then will you see why majority has a strong faith in his leadership.

The 71-year-old president has dared to work on difficult areas that the Philippines' previous leaders did not care to solve. In a span of three months, high-ranking drug lords started to pin down protectors of the illegal trade. Rates of violence and crimes were also reduced. Walking on the streets now spells lesser danger.

Economic investments skyrocketed in his first quarter. That for sure will provide job opportunities for thousands of people.

The usual airport dilemma, delayed flights, also dropped instantaneously. "Tanim-bala" has long been gone because of better and more effective management. Bullets found in bags are simply confiscated and passengers can proceed.

Duterte's anti-drug and anti-crime campaign may have been creating notorious headlines, but the thought that the new administration is dedicated to create change for the betterment of our nation offsets all the negativeness.

"Little wonder our people trust the President, judging him less by what he says and more by what he does," Martin Andanar opined. [source]

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  1. That's right. That's what rhe thinking and rational people do...judging the President by his accomplishments in so short a time and not by words coming out of his mouth.


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