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Makeover of NAIA as President Duterte assumed office lauded by Passengers

Passengers are very impressed with the makeover of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Back in the year 2011-2013NAIA was dubbed as one of the worst airports all around the world. Facilities were outdated, "Tanim Bala", passengers often described it as the “den ofthieves”.

But when President Duterte assumed office, he immediately ordered the stop of the modus by implementing different rules and firing employees who were allegedly connected to the said activity. 

Recently, photos of NAIA went viral as major improvements happened in the span of 4 months. A Pinoy named, Cheng Ramirez who works in Italy posted the photos in social media. 

A pro-Duterte page then shared the photo of Ramirez. Netizens were astounded with the transformation of NAIA. It is seen in the photos that NAIA is slowly becoming world-class. 

Some of the improvements of NAIA which was noted by netizens were: the new premium bus service, fast free wifi and the Tanim Bala Modus vanished. [source]

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