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Lacson Urges Duterte’s Men To Find Who’s Behind The Int’l Demolition Immediately

This is how  near the cities from each other after Mindanao Railway Project will be completed. Should the train run on average speed at 100 km per hour, almost half of the travel time can be cut relative to the traditional bus travel. Read and share! http://www.pilipinasonlineupdates.com/2016/10/the-mindanao-railway-project.html

Senator Panfilo Lacson urges the President Duterte’s men to find immediately the mastermind behind the international demolition. Identify who are the responsible ones to disseminate wrong information, regarding to the extra-judicial killings.

Sen. Lacson would like to know the sources of these international media groups. He also warns Duterte’s allies, if they want to last their administration power they should prioritize this. Thus, if they cannot find out the mastermind, Duterte’s administration for the next 6 years will receive continuously tons of criticisms.

Whether or not it is organized and has something to do with local politics, the President’s men should immediately find out if they want this administration to last six years.

If they are not doing anything along this line, they deserve whatever fate would befall on them.-Sen. Lacson [source]


  1. Global Elite LORRRDs.


  2. Senator Lacson suggestion deserve heading on and do the needful to stop the demolation syndicate out to destroy the administration of President Duterte.


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