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Lacson and Pimentel slams De Lima: Its Unfair to accuse PNP of brutality over US Embassy dispersal

Senator Panfilo Lacson on Thursday said it was “unfair” to accuse the Philippine National Police (PNP) of police brutality over the violent dispersal of protesters in front of the US Embassy.
Lacson, former chief of the PNP, also defended the driver of the police van which rammed into several protesters, leaving some of them severely injured.
“That was a judgment call made by one policeman behind the wheel of a police van who might have felt threatened by the possibility of being lynched by the protesters, and who impulsively drove the van wherever he could to avoid the dire consequences of his inaction,” Lacson said.
“I think it's unfair to the Philippine National Police as an institution to be accused of police brutality,” he added.
“It was a personal judgment call of the driver of the van. Maximum tolerance or not, he acted based on his appreciation of the situation prevailing at the time he made that move,” Lacson further said.
News videos showed the vehicle accelerating both forward and in reverse, hitting several protesters in the process.
Chief Supt. Oscar Albayalde, National Capital Region Police Office director, on Wednesday said the driver of the police van did not intend to run over the protesters.

“The rallyists were trying to flip over the patrol car. In the process, the driver extricated the patrol car and inadvertently hit some unruly protesters who sustained minor injuries," Albayalde said.
On Thursday, however, Albayalde ordered the relief of Sr. Supt. Marcelino Pedrozo and eight other officers of the Manila Police District involved in the violent dispersal.
"I directed for their immediate administrative relief, SSUPT PEDROZO and eight others," Albayalde said in a text message to GMA News Online.
Senate President Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III meanwhile called on the public not to pass judgment until an investigation is conducted.
"The video on its own is very disturbing, but is not the whole picture. We must not pass judgment until we know the whole story,” Pimentel said.
The Senate leader expressed concerns that the incident may damage the image of the police force as a protector of the people.
Pimentel joined the earlier call of Senator Leila de Lima to PNP chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa to conduct an immediate probe and take action against those responsible for the violent dispersal.
De Lima earlier pointed out that the PNP Manual of Operations indicates that non-lethal methods shall be used to disperse assemblies of rallyists.
De Lima said the method used by the police in the anti-US rally was “obviously unnecessary and unreasonable.”
“We must not lose sight of the fact that the assigned PNP units attempted to disperse the rally through unnecessary force,” De Lima said. [source]


  1. First and foremost the protesters were out of line. Did they have to permit? if no prtmit then protestors were wrong. on viewing the video we could hear a man's voice reporting only the actions of the police but not the protesters who were like zombies hurling themselves. as if it was a set in a movie. it is quite evident that the mon was planned. The police were correct in their action. if the police did not do anything drastict the mob may have gone wild. Were the protestors paid? it looks like it. the organizers should be heavily fined and jailed.

  2. Kung hindi hinrang ng PNP. Thre is a big possibility that the n rallyists can forcefully open the embassy due to big 700 force...then many will die because the embassy guards will machine gun them inside tha compound merciless...

  3. The forces of darkness are behind this incident in cohorts with selected PNP personnel and some rallyists, designed to make an issue against the govt. Be careful in pinpointing fingers on the possible culprits. As it happened, CHR is clearly on the watch, waiting as the story unfolds. Remember, the US CIA can planned actions like this just to make a point of their presence here and embarrass the govt. The yellow loyalists would be very happy to oblige. Investigate the selected PNP personnel for premeditated strike on the rallyists and rallyists for a premeditated hostile advance to the PNP line. None of it seem necessary on the PNP side and on the side of the rallyists. This incident has been planned all along considering since day 1 of the Duterte administration, no anti-govt rallies were made. The ground commander of the PNP and the leader of the rallyists may have the answers on why this incident happened. Because after all, they control both sides.

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