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#JusticeForNick: Graduating Architecture Student Robbed and Stabbed 18 times in Taguig

The future can never look so bright for college students, especially when one is only a few steps away from the goal of graduating.

However one looks at it, life is precious and it must be held dear. Unfortunately for this student, his was taken away by a mad man.

Nick Oniot, a graduating BS Architecture student of Adamson University was mercilessly robbed and stabbed to his death in the streets of Taguig City last Friday, October 14.

Hours after he was murdered, what happened to Oniot went viral on Facebook after a Facebook user posted a set of photos with a caption narrating the terrible fate that has fallen on Oniot which happened in Martinez St. Barangay Central Signal Village where he was stabbed 18 times by two suspects who were unidentified then.

Yesterday, the suspects of this heinous crime was arrested after a self-proclaimed suspect went to the police and even had the thickness of face to smile about it.
The gay person then led the police to the house of a Marvin Bernardo who was one of the two suspects.

Social media was flooded with the hashtag #JusticeForNick, as many netizens were saddened and angered by the news.
Many of them have changed their profile pictures on Facebook to a black photo to show support for the family.

Meanwhile, the United Architects of the Philippines Students Auxillary-Adamson University, where the student is a 3rd Year Batch Representative, posted a short, emotional message on Facebook saying,
“You have so much potential in you. Nick Russel Oniot, you still have a lot to offer. No one is ready for what had happened. Let’s pray that justice will be served.” [source]

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